Al Stewart Songbook

Volume I: 24 P/Carrots

Volume V: Between the Wars

We are pleased to announce that the first and fifth volumes of the Al Stewart songbook, 24 P/Carrots and Between the Wars are now once again available for download.

These songbooks, produced in cooperation with Al Stewart and Chapman management, are the only authorized publications to include all the words and music from Al's albums 24 P/Carrots and Between the Wars .

Al's songs are presented in fully-detailed piano-vocal arrangements by Blake Hodgetts, which capture many of the nuances of the original recordings. Basic guitar chords are also included. As a bonus, each song is accompanied by comments from Al regarding the circumstances surrounding the song, tidbits on the recording process, or Al's feelings about the number.

Other volumes of the songbook may be produced in the future, time permitting.

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Volume I currently contains the following tracks from 24 P/Carrots:

Running Man
Midnight Rocks
Merlin's Time
Mondo Sinistro
Murmansk Run/Ellis Island
Rocks In The Ocean
Paint By Numbers
Optical Illusion

It was my original plan to add the additional five tracks from Indian Summer to this book and make them available in the future, with no additional registration required. Well, maybe someday.

Volume V contains the following tracks from Between the Wars:

Night Train to Munich
The Age of Rhythm
Lindy Comes to Town
Three Mules
League of Notions
Life Between the Wars
Betty Boop's Birthday
Marion the Châtelaine
Joe the Georgian
Always the Cause
Laughing into 1939
The Black Danube

In addition, this book contains transcriptions of most of the guitar solos by the incomparable Laurence Juber.

The songbooks are downloadable as PDF (Portable Document Format) files, suitable for printing on any Macintosh or Windows-equipped PC.To access PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader v3.0 or later, available for free by clicking on the button below:

In accordance with the licensing agreement with Chapman Management, the songbook PDF files are encrypted and will require a password to be opened.
Licenses for the volumes can be purchased as follows:
24 P/Carrots: US $5.00
Between the Wars: US $6.00

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