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Hot Point, Warm Heart
Words and music copyright ©2001 by Blake Hodgetts

(When I wrote the music, I had the idea that it was suitable for some meaningful, inspiring lyrics. Unfortunately, I accidentally wrote these instead.
Perhaps someone can reverse-filk it into a serious song.)

Gleaming white
Alone at night,
    I hum while you're asleep.
Veggies fresh
and slaughtered flesh
    For you alone I keep.
I'll hold the icecubes frozen
    for the parties that you throw.
    Does my light go off? You'll never know...

Free of frost
And low in cost,
    I'm with you every morn.
A pulse of fre-
on flows through me,
    And has since I was born.
I hope the milk is tasty
    on your Spoon-Size Shredded Wheat;
    I am thankful that you like to eat.

So take hold of my handle
    And open up my door,
But please don't leave it standing wide for
    half an hour or more,
and I'll feed you in the morning
    and I'll feed you in the night....
    I hope that soon you'll stop in for a bite;
    I love it when you stop and have a bite...

and Pepsi Free,
    and something turning green.
I wonder why
you never try
    to get my drain pan clean?
I freezer-burned that chicken
    that you put in last July.
    Sorry if it comes out kind of dry.

You can get
your whistle wet:
    Just touch me there again.
Then help yourself
to any shelf,
    and I will not say when.
A box of Arm & Hammer
    just to keep me smelling sweet;
    What would I do if you did not eat?

So stuff me with your groceries,
    And fill me with ice-cream,
and I will sing a lullaby to
    help you find your dream,
and I'll feed you ev'ry morning
    And I'll feed you ev'ry night...
    So won't you please come stop in for a bite?
    I feel so warm each time you have a bite...