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Words and music copyright ©2002 by Blake Hodgetts

This song has two main thematic sources: those old cowboy love songs about girls from Mexico who didn't even speak English; and Robert Chilson's story "Moonless Night" (Galaxy, 1978) about a cargo pilot's hopeless love affair with a dancer named Lalominat -- although that story has nothing to do with the song aside from one inspirational plot point.


I met her in a spacer bar on Syrtis Alpha 9;
She was sitting by her lonesome drinking glycogen with lime.
I sat right down beside her, and strange it is to tell,
Though I couldn't place her species, still I felt I knew her well.
And we struck a conversation that went on into the night,
And she asked if I would like to see her pod...

And you're many years behind me now, my blue-haired Syrtis gal;
I know our paths may never cross again.
I always will remember your sweet last words to me:
Z˜!ovaq übï]o lla'ng

She said she worked a cargo route -- she was an engineer
A load of Jaglan triticale had brought her to this sphere.
She wasn't much for politics; she really loved to sing,
She always felt romantic near a planet with a ring.
Her tentacles were long and lithe and sheathed in silky fur,
And who'd have guessed I'd fall in love with her...


We went back to her landing pod and soon began to kiss,
Or rather did what on her world approximated this.
While I won't say I found her loving absolutely new,
She did some things that I don't think a human girl could do.
And then afterwards we lay there until I began to cough
As I went into anaphylactic shock...


I've been around the block, and know what every spacer knows:
Be sure your proteins get along before you get too close.
I don't know what came over me and A!e]i that night--
Were we blinded by the moment, thought we'd finally got it right?
I saw her in the hospital the day I had to leave,
And through blistered lips she told me not to grieve...



The romanized representation of the phrase is only a vague approximation. A better approximation is given by the following IPA transcription: