Using Toccata and Fughetta

Install the fonts in whatever manner is normal to your operating System. You may use them with a font management application on a Mac.

If you have a version of Finale earlier than 3.5, you will want to read this page. In modern versions of Finale, it is not necessary to change the default font. You can access Fughetta characters by going to the Document menu and choosing "Document Options." In the resulting dialog, select "Fonts". In the pane that appears, you can choose the desired notation element from the pop-up menu, and specify "Fughetta" as the font for that element. Note that you can specify fonts independently for noteheads, flags, accidentals, and many other elements. This will allow you to access the special characters in Fughetta when selecting custom noteheads, clefs, etc.

Fughetta contains a great many alternative notehead shapes. Most of these will require adjustments to their stem connections. To adjust the stem connections for a notehead, choose "Stems" in the Document Options dialog. Click the "Connections..." button and you can select or create a stem connection setting. You can choose the font and the desired symbol, and move the graphic display until the connections are correct. A library containing appropriate connections for the alternative noteheads in Fughetta is part of the package provided to registered owners, so you won't have to work it all out yourself.

Articulations and expressions can be created easily by selecting characters from Toccata, Fughetta, or Maestro (the main font used by Finale.) Registered owners will not need to do much to create articulation libraries for Toccata, as library files are included with the full package. Auto-positionings have been carefully designed for most of the Toccata articulations.