About the Toccata and Fughetta fonts


This Page Last Modified: November 27, 2018

Toccata and Fughetta are two shareware music fonts designed to be used with MakeMusic!'s Finale notation package, in conjunction with MakeMusic!'s "Petrucci" and "Maestro" fonts. These fonts, available for Macintosh and Windows, are the result of several months of work, and thanks are due to many people from the Finale Mailing List for suggestions for symbols. The combined fonts include about 400 new glyphs to enhance your printed music created with Finale.

The full version of the fonts is completely compatible with all versions of Finale through Finale 25. They should work with Finale 26 but I have not been able to test them with it yet. Even MakeMusic!'s Tamburo and Engraver fonts don't come close to offering what Toccata and Fughetta do, and you may find some symbols more graceful and attractive in my fonts.






The freely downloadable TrueType versions of the fonts, downloadable on the Download page, are shareware. They may be freely distributed in this form; however, this ReadMe file, which duplicates information on these web pages, must accompany any distribution of the TrueType fonts. If you find the fonts useful and use them, you are requested to register them.
Please note that the free versions of the fonts are not exactly the same as the ones which are available through registration. They are designed for visual compatibility with the older Petrucci font used by Finale, whereas the registered fonts are designed to work with Maestro. Also, the free fonts have not been tested with modern operating systems and may experience some character mapping issues. These issues are not known to exist in the registered versions. The PostScript fonts, bitmaps, and accompanying Finale Libraries and metrics information are not to be distributed in any form.

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