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My first solo album, Blindsight, was released in 2004.

Blindsight is a studio recording featuring 15 of my original songs in a variety of styles, from full rock arrangments to a cappella vocals. Nine months in the making, it has something to please every taste and is sure to be a welcome addition to your filk/folk/unclassifiable library.

Assisting me are Tony Fabris on guitar and Arlene "Callie" Hills on flute. Angelica Sather Hodgetts (courtesy of Ash Productions) and harpist Laura Zaerr are included as guest performers.

The CD is 73 minutes long and includes a 12-page booklet with complete lyrics to every song, as well as artwork and photographs.

Tracklist and audio samples (thanks to Tony Fabris for hosting these!):
1. One Filker's Week  
2. The Reader Listen 
3. Proteins Listen  
4. Virtual Date Listen 
5. Star Trek Next Gen Episode Guide   Listen 
6. The Inner Light Listen 
7. Hot Point, Warm Heart Listen 
8. The Little Blue Man Listen 
9. Boundless? Listen  
10. The Great Nebraska Sea Listen 
11. Prisoners of Time Listen 
12. A Habitrail Named Klein Listen 
13. Donnymere Glade Listen 
14. My Love Was Like the Moon Listen 
15. Lost Things Listen 

For my second album, Out of the Workshop, please see my page on Bandcamp.

To order:
You can order a physical CD of Blindsight directly from me via PayPal. The cost is $16 + $4 shipping, for a total of $20.
Please use this button to pay with a PayPal cash account:

Blindsight is also available as a download from the iTunes Music Store! Blindsight
(You can also find it on other online music download services.)

Blindsight is also available from several fine filk and other music dealers, including